Beautiful Chemistry is a project collaboration between the Institute of Advanced Technology at the University of Science and Technology of China and Tsinghua University Press. 

The goal of this project is to bring the beauty of chemistry to the general public through digital media and technology.

In Beautiful Chemistry, we used a 4K UltraHD camera and special lenses to capture chemical reactions in astonishing detail without the distraction of beakers and test tubes. At the molecular scale, we used advanced computer graphics and interactive technology to showcase some of the most beautiful chemical structures selected from a large volume of scientific literature. 

More than 100 years ago, German biologist Ernst Haeckel published his famous work Art Forms in Nature, which was very popular in his time. His exquisite, Art Nouveau style illustrations brought exotic marine and microscopic life forms to the eyes of the public. We hope to follow the footsteps of Haeckel, using digital media and technology to bring the beauty and wonder from the chemistry world to a wide audience. In addition, we want to achieve a unique aesthetic of chemistry, making chemistry approachable and lovable. If our effects could get more kids and students interested in chemistry and change people's negative opinion towards chemistry, we would be extremely satisfied.

The current version of Beautiful Chemistry is v1.0. In upcoming updates, we plan to enhance the web design and user experience, remove possible typos and bugs. We consider v1.0 is just the starting point of Beautiful Chemistry. Hopefully, we could add more beautiful contents in the near future.

Beautiful Chemistry is the Winner of Innovation Award for Digital Publication

Beautiful Chemistry, the digital project on popular science originally produced by Tsinghua University Press, won the “Innovation Award” at the 6th Chinese Digital Publication Exposition on July 16th. This award aims at promoting the products which have positive effects on digital publication industry and can actually improve the industry.


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